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“I can’t even find the words to describe how much Soni’s coaching has helped me clarify my needs and wants. How I went from going back and forward to making decisions and sticking to them.

She gave me tools for each session. The tools helped me focus on a positive outcome.
We worked on many things.

One of the things I worked on was my relationship. I realized I did not want half solutions anymore. I wanted a family and a man and now I have gotten it.

I have worked with Soni as a coach for some time now. The coaching sessions have been great. Soni is caring and good at listening and her advice and tools are clear.

The best part for me though, has been that, I had her support in between sessions and had the opportunity to contact her. I have seen many coaches, to me, she’s one of the best.

I love you. You know that the number one important tool in helping your client, is that you truly care about them. And I strongly feel that you care about me, Soni Amora (with your beautiful name), and this means the world to me.”