Be Your Own Valentine...

Are You Suffering From Valentine’s Day Blues?

Valentine’s Day is one of those days - like Christmas that can really set a woman up to feel like she does not have a shit on straight.

The thoughts going on in your head as February rolls around are probably…

“Oh God I hate Valentine’s Day, I am not going to have a date. Wah Wah!!”

Or If you are married or in a relationship, you’re are in expectant energy…

“I wonder if my husband/boyfriend will buy me a gift, will he plan a romantic date, will I get flowers…etc, etc.”

You get the drill!!

I have been there so I hear you…


Today I’m here to tell you to flip these thoughts and give you a different perspective.

Why not be your best VALENTINE ever??

Why not do things for yourself that you would want you date, your boyfriend, or your husband to do?

Why just celebrate that day? Why not celebrate the whole week or the whole month?

Decide that this Valentine’s Day, Week, Month, is going to be a wonderful one, come what may and that you will do things for yourself that a really great boyfriend or husband would.

I am celebrating the whole week of Valentine’s this year…

I started off yesterday with a Spa Day, I got an amazing facial, followed by a delicious lunch and then spent time relaxing by the pool.

I love flowers so today I got myself flowers and now my house is full of sweet smelling flowers.

Some ways you can pamper yourself this Valentine’s:

  1. Treat yourself to a massage or any other beauty treatment that you love and that relaxes you.

  2. Buy yourself some sexy lingerie or panties. Hell Yeah!!

  3. Cook for yourself and have a romantic evening at home with music playing in the background and open your favorite bottle of wine.

  4. Light candles and enjoy a nice warm bath in your hot tub/jacuzzi with your favorite essential oils or bath bomb. To make it even more romantic add some rose petals.

  5. Go for your favorite workout.

  6. Plan a date with people you love - your girlfriends, your kids, your family, your co-workers.

  7. Buy yourself a beautifully wrapped present and open it on Valentine’s Day.

  8. Treat yourself to your favorite chocolate. My favorite are dark chocolate truffles.

  9. Write a love letter to yourself!!

You want a man who will cherish you, spoil your senses, take you on fun dates and encourage you to step into bigger things. So by cherishing yourself, spoiling your own senses, taking yourself on lots os fun dates, and encouraging yourself to step into new, bold things you’re going to attract the man who will do all that and more for you. Or if you are married or in a relationship you’ll inspire your man to do more for you.

When you cherish yourself and pleasure yourself you will step into the world of men and dating with a fun spirit and with that spirit men will be attracted to you like bees to honey.

Treat yourself like the QUEEN you’re this Valentine’s Day/Week/Month, however you choose to celebrate.

I would love to hear from you what you’re doing to celebrate yourself this Valentine’s Day!!

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Remember you don’t have to wait for a man to arrive to do all the wonderful things he’d do for you and with you. Do them now and you will be having too much fun to care if he comes or not and when he comes he will find you extremely irresistible.

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