Top 5 Mistakes Single Professional Women Make, That Sabotage Their Love Life

Mistakes - we all make them and mistakes are nothing but growth opportunities.

So, today I’m sharing with you the top 5 Mistakes that single women make that sabotage their love life and how you can turn that around.

1.  Use scarcity of time as a shield that keeps you from dating

I hear this too often from professional women that they don’t have time to date. Or they don’t want to give up their precious weekend time for meet and greets because what if the guy turns out to be a douchebag.

You spend 12 hours or more in the office some days, so how are you supposed to find time for dating? And, I understand you not wanting to give up your prime time on the weekends. I know, I know…I used to be in your shoes and used to think the same.

I didn’t have time to go on dates, and no, I wasn’t willing to give up time with my kids in order to find love.

But “time scarcity” excuse is nothing but a shield that is keeping you from dating.

So let me tell you how I got around this lack of time excuse: I scheduled my first dates and “meet and greets” on my lunch break. Keep the first dates short about 45 mins – 1 hr. and lunch time is perfect for that.

I’ve always been the kind of woman who gave everything to my career and my family, and I’ve been this way for a long time.

So if you’re not willing to make time during the evenings or on weekends for dating, don’t stress about it!

But I AM going to ask you to carefully consider what time you have on your calendar during the work week, and notice what you’re doing on your lunch breaks.

For me, I realized I was spending my lunch hour working in the office when I could actually get out and meet people. When I started scheduling dates on my lunch break, I was still working the same amount, but I was working more diligently instead of looking at social media while I ate at my desk.

That small change in my schedule created a lot of opportunities for dating. So in a nutshell, I actually had a lunch break, and I got to get out there and date.

On the other hand if the man turns out to not be what you expected him to be, it’s only 45 mins of your day so it’s a win-win situation.

So darling, this is my invitation to you to start going on dates at least 2 times a week on your lunch break for the next couple weeks to see if you feel more excited about dating.

I am not asking you to change your entire life! I‘m simply asking you to try something new to see if you can find time for dating by eating lunch like you always do… but this time possibly with your dream guy.

2.   You’re bringing your inner CEO to the date

You over rely on your masculine energy. You’re at work all day planning and leading meetings and being in charge and you bring that energy on dates too.

You take upon yourself to be the social director of the relationship, you start planning dates and want to pay on dates because you feel you are successful and you can pay.

You’re uncomfortable with a man paying for you.

Most quality men will back-off their dating efforts when they sense you’re assuming the role they view as traditionally male.

When it comes to romance it is still old school.

Stepping back and allowing a man to DO for you in huge. It creates a tremendous feeling of attraction for him, and pumps him up to step up even more.

3.   Trying to connect with men through your head (Intelligence) rather than your heart (feelings).

You pursue romance like business. Every time you’re on a date with a man you can’t stop yourself from sharing your successes with him, trying to show him how intelligent you are so that he is impressed with you and thinks you’re a great catch.

Unfortunately, they don’t work, and we are unconsciously self-sabotaging ourselves out of the very happiness we want more than anything else in the world!

Sharing opinions and facts and trying to trying to show your intelligence are good for an occasional lively discussion with friends but they don’t do anything to inspire him to love you.

Instead notice how you feel about things throughout your day. Whenever you catch yourself lost in your thoughts, to-do lists or opinions take yourself back to how you feel in the moment and connect with men through your feelings.

4.   Belief that you can’t have it all

After several failed relationships or bad dates, many women live with the belief that because they have financial success, they cannot be successful in love and they give up on love.

Or you have been taught that if you become too successful, you’ll be unattractive to men.

However the truth about women’s financial empowerment is that it doesn’t have to be a stressor in anyone’s love life.

This is your opportunity to create a vision for you to be the feminine mogul who has both a devoted man and money.

I can tell you right up front that a woman who makes money and is in harmony is attractive to empowered men, because she’s in her power.

And when the woman is in her power, in her feminine energy, she becomes very attractive and a man can’t stop himself from falling in love with her.

5.   Don’t date several men

You give up too soon, thinking that you will meet Mr. Right without meeting lots of men.

To find a perfect job you spend thousands of hours till you find the right one.

If we want to master a sport, we spend thousands of hours practicing.

And if you want a great relationship with a quality man, you either sit around hoping that he will miraculously cross your path one day. Or if you have a few bad dates you give up on dating and start thinking thoughts like “All good men are taken” or “Men are intimidated by my success”.

Your Mr. Right won’t be the 1st guy you meet or the 5th guy. It might be #30 or #50 or if you’re like me #300.

Yes, I went on at least 300 first dates before I met my Mr. Right. If I had given up let’s say after #10 I would have never met him.

So don’t give up too soon.

Which one of these mistakes are you making with men? How are you going to make these your growth opportunities?

Soni Amora