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About Soni


It all started last year.

After being divorced for 3 years and through several failed dating relationships - my soul YELLED at me after I was heartbroken yet again...

"You're almost 45, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

I knew I was meant for more, for a deep loving relationship, for marriage.

That's when I embarked on the journey of transforming myself by changing my mindset, loving myself more, embodying the feminine energy and developing a relationship with myself, the type of relationship that I want with a man. 

I am a completely different woman today than I was a year ago. My family takes pride in me. Abundance is flowing in every area of my life and love feels easy. 

After years of hurt and disappointment, I want nothing more than to spread what I have learned.

Like I did, you can change your love life. You can become fully authentic and in tune with your inner goddess.

Because so many of my clients have quickly become engaged shortly after beginning coaching with me - I know my coaching techniques will work for you, too.

To schedule a "You're Meant For Love" free session with me to finally get closer to your Love Destination (or if you'd simply like to ask me questions about your situation and quickly get real answers) - just write me here->

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From Sami Wunder...

Soni is a Rockstar.

Because she turned herself from an insecure, unsure, crumb taking woman to a strong diva that knows her worth and practices her boundaries around amazing men while being a mother to two teenagers, she can help you do the same, very quickly too!

Soni gets results. Her first clients are already getting engaged. She’s that good! Need I say more?
— Sami Wunder - Sami Wunder Coaching